Patterson School of Ballet in Erie Fosters World-Class Ballerinas; Four Students Secure Positions in Prestigious Ballet Companies

Patterson School of Dance

Erie, PA – August 11, 2023

The Patterson School of Ballet, a beacon of classical ballet excellence in Erie PA and beyond, has been instrumental in shaping the careers of highly skilled ballerinas since its inception in 2014 under the guidance of Artistic Director Michael Patterson. Today, we celebrate the remarkable achievements of four exceptional students from our esteemed institution, who have risen above the intense competition to secure coveted positions in renowned ballet companies across the United States.

Drawing a parallel between the ballet world and the NFL, Michael Patterson reflects on the rigorous dedication required, stating, “It’s like getting drafted into the NFL. Only the most dedicated and talented individuals can thrive.” This sentiment perfectly encapsulates the extraordinary commitment and relentless pursuit of perfection that these young dancers have exhibited throughout their training.

Among the quartet of remarkable talents are Gabriella Emerson, 18, Dariah Strickland,18, Katelyn Ottavio, 17 and Sierra Griffith, 18. With their breathtaking technique, emotive storytelling, and unwavering drive, they have captivated both audiences and industry professionals. This journey is one that promises an even brighter future, leaving us eager to delve deeper into their awe-inspiring path towards greatness.

Stay tuned as we unravel their captivating journey and discover how the Patterson School of Ballet continues to shape the careers of world-class ballerinas, ensuring that their passion for dance becomes an enduring legacy.

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